SILCA Rekord Manual Key Machine D833000ZB

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Short Product Description Rekord is the mechanical key machine for flat and cruciform keys.
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  • SILCA Rekord Manual Key Machine D833000ZB

    Rekord is the mechanical key machine for flat and cruciform keys.
    It features smooth and precise carriage movements, four-sided rotating clamps with ergonomic handles, mechanical tracer point with micrometric adjustment, and wide tool compartments for making your daily work more practical and comfortable.

    Precise carriage movements: The left hand-side lever ensures precise shifts without play, while the self-lubricating DU® bushes guarantee smooth carriage movements. The carriage is released by means of a button below the ergonomic front lever. In the Rekord S version of the machine pushing this button starts the cutter motor.
    Four-sided clamps: The sintered four-sided clamps feature anatomic handles with a ball bearing system for perfectly fixing the key without damaging the clamp.
    Comfortable and efficient work station: A wide accessories area equipped with an anti-slip mat on the upper part of the machine makes it easy to get the tools used most frequently, such as bars, stops and brushes. Below the machine body there is a practical moulded storage compartment for stocking other accessories.
    Easy calibration: Rekord is equipped with a mechanical tracer point with micrometric adjustment ring nut for an easy calibration and quality cutting results.
    Perfect illumination: Rekord has a led light over the cutter for a clear illumination of the working area.
    Optimized structure for a clean working area: The sloping structure of the machine ensures an effective disposal of metal chippings, which are collected in the removable swarf tray.
    Safe for the operator: The on-off switch features a safety cut-out for user protection. The machine needs to be manually re-started after a power interruption.
    Cut keys finished perfectly: The de-burring brush is made of tynex and is activated by means of the same power switch which starts the cutter motor.
    Led Lamp
    Incorporated brush
    High precision four sided rotating jaws
    Chipping tray
    Adjustable tracer point
    Ergonomic handles and levers
    Keys for cutting with Rekord
    Technical Data

    Motor: single phase and speed - 230V-50Hz - 120V-60Hz
    Cutting tool: HSS (super rapid steel)
    Movements: by gear on rectified carriage
    Clamp: sintered, rotating 4-sided
    Maximum length of cuts: 43 mm (carriage run)
    Dimensions: Width: 330 mm (with max. lever encumbrance 510 mm), Depth: 430 mm, Height: 270 mm
    Weight: 19 Kg
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