Silca FUTURA Auto Automatic CNC key cutting machine

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  • SILCA Futura Pro Machine

    The ground breaking Futura Pro Electronic Key Cutting Machine from Silca is the only machine on the market that can duplicate all kinds of residential and automotive keys including flat, laser, cruciform and dimple keys. The detachable 10 inch tablet can be used to access the Silca key database (the largest of its kind on the market) or to display step-by-step key cutting procedures - making the Futura Pro the ideal choice for inexperienced users. The integrated LED status lights change colour according to the machine status; white indicates the machine is ready to proceed, yellow indicates the machine is currently cutting a key and green indicates that the key cutting process has been completed.

    Improved all-round machine performance has been achieved through faster cutting cycles and upgraded electronics for better response times. In addition to this, the software for the Futura Pro has been upgraded to include useful functions such as a streamlined search process for vehicle key codes, a step-by-step guide for machine updates and a key cut preview.

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