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Hyundai i30 3 Buttons Flip Remote Key 2012+ (Original) (RKE-4F04, 433 MHz, ID60 80 Bit)

Stock Code: K.HYN.0007
Original Product
Part No:RKE-4F04
433 Mhz / ID60 80 Bit
13.90 USD
17.90 USD
Short Product Description Genuine Part Number: 95430-A5101
  • Features
  • Original Hyundai i30 3 Button Flip Remote with 4D60 80Bit Transponder (2012-2015).

    Transponder: 4D60 80Bit
    Frequency: 433Mhz
    Keyblade: KI-7 (JMA Reference)
    Replacement Battery: CR2032
    Buttons: 3 buttons, lock, unlock and boot
    Genuine Part Number: 95430-A5101

    Sticker Number:
    Hyundai Mobis Co Ltd

    Programming Method:
    Immobiliser: Diagnostically.
    Remote: Diagnostically. 

    Suitable for the following models:
    Hyundai i30 (26.12.2011-27.02.2015)

  • Hyundai i30 (26.12.2011-27.02.2015)
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