Face to Face Remote 4 Buttons 433 Mhz

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  • Features

  • Face to Face Remote 4 Buttons 433 Mhz

    Deleting operation:
    Press the lock and opening buttons at the same time and wait 25 seconds. It will light up when light goes down leave one of the buttons. And press the button which you have left every second 3 times. (dont leave the other button until the operation is over) If operation is succesfull light will always open and close. After deleting operation is done.

    Coding Operation:
    Put your remote and customers remote face to face. Press the button from your remote which we want to code and hold it. After that press the button which we want to code from customers remote and dont leave both. If progress is succesfull your remotes light will first flash first and then it will start to light continuously.

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