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Renault Megane 2, Scenic - 3 Button Smart Card without Logo (AfterMarket) (433 MHz,)

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  • Renault Megane2, Scanic2, 2 Button, 434 MHz After market REMOTE !

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    OE Genuine Part Number: 7701209132




    Megane II 2003 - 2008

    Scanic II 2002 – 2009



    Key Profile:

    ·Silca: VA2

    ·JMA: CIT-1

    ·Errebi: VA1

    Transponder: ID46 – PCF7941*special Philips Crypto 2 / Hitag2

    Frequency: 433,92 MHz 434 MHz

    Battery: CR2025

    Buttons: 3 Buttons - Unlock, Lock, Boot

    Logo: NO

    Manufactured at: Turkey

    Status: After-Market



    For Immobilizer:

    Diagnostically with AD100Pro, T-Code Pro, MVP Pro, AVDI, Zed Full or any diagnostic device which support Renault.

    For Remote:

    Automatically with immobilizer



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