BARRACUDA - Programmer and Remote Renew Tool

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  • Features
  • Several years ago we have decided that we need new type of hardware that will allow us to pursue functions,
    which are either impossible or will be very difficult to achieve with our current lineup of programmers.After many iterations
    we are finally content with the hardware and the potential it gives us, so it is high time to start releasing information about it.

    Scorpio-LK's Barracuda programmer is a new platform which is intended to complement Tango programmer in our pursuit 
    to release solid solutions for locksmiths and users working in the sphere of automotive repairs and vehicles maintenance.

    Barracuda is long term project, in this regard similar to Tango. Now with bulk of the work for hardware and core of the software 
    is complete we will be able to focus solely on adding new features to both Tango and Barracuda.

    Barracuda base version

    • Barracuda base hardware
    • Barracuda base software
    • Barracuda database HITAG reset module 1
    • Adapter PCF (in-circuit & expansion)
    • Barracuda cable PCF 1 (in-circuit,2xCrocodile clips, 2xSoldering tips)
    • Barracuda cable PCF 2 (in-circuit, 2xCrocodile clips & 2xProbe needles)
    • Adapter PCF 7941 (for soldering)
    • Adapter PCF 7945AC (for soldering)
    • Adapter PCF 7952 (for soldering)
    • Adapter PCF 7953/45 (for soldering)
    • Adapter PCF 7953 38pin (for soldering)
    • Adapter PCF 7961 (for soldering)

    System requirements

    • Barracuda programmer
    • Windows XP/7/8/10 PC/Laptop
    • Power supply adapter 9-24V DC plug size 5.5x2.1mm (not included in base version)
    • USB 2.0/3.0

    Barracuda Quick Links

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