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Ford 3 Button Blue Remote Key (Original) (6C1T 15K601-AG, 433 MHz, ID63)

Stock Code: K.FRD.0008
Original Product
Part No: 6C1T 15K601-AG
433 Mhz / ID63
71.00 USD
  • Features
    Ford Transit BLUE Remote KEY, 3 Buttons, 434 MHz, Transponder ID:4D 63 Texas Crypto



    This remote is known as   BLUE Head .  This Remote is very popular in Commercial Vehicles. 

    All Original products are tested for transponder and frequency before shipment.

    This Remote has hands free features and start stop system but it also work for normal cars.


    Some useful features:

    Feature Details
    Transponder ID4D63 (ID63 T17) Texas Crypto 80 Bit
    Frequency 433,92 MHz ≅ 434 MHz
    Battery Rechargable Battery
    Buttons 3 Buttons Lock, Unlock and Boot
    Immobilizer Programming Diagnostically.
    Remote Programming Automatically!
    CMIT ID:
    Genuine Part No:

    6C1T 15K601 AG

    Key Profile Silca: FO21
    Errebi: TB1
    JMA: FO-6
    Labels on Remote
    Suitable Models Ford Transit 2006 - 2014
    Manifactured at UK
    Logo Yes


    More useful features:

    • This Remote is suitable for all diagnostic solutions and all diagnostic devices which support Ford Systems.
    • You Can Program with T-Code PRO with Related Software and also could program with MVP PRO and Token.
    • You Can Program with AVDI and ZedFull also.

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